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Bad Idea!

What could be more joyous than a Puppy for Christmas? Answer: a puppy a week before or a week after Christmas. Why, you might ask. Here’s the deal: Christmas, especially for Children is a much anticipated, emotional event. A puppy, given on Christmas or Christmas Eve will get a few hours of frenzied cuddling and attention, and then get lost in the shuffle of everything else that goes with that Joyous Day. Other gifts, visitors, family for dinner, the list could go on and on. Puppies can be scared by the commotion, stepped on by excited family members who haven’t yet learned the ‘puppy shuffle’, and exhausted by all of the activities generated by the day, to name just a few possibilities.

As delightful as the idea may seem, far better to bring the puppy home a week to 10 days before Christmas, or a few days after Christmas. Give a beautifully wrapped box with a collar or a brush in it, and a note saying “More To Come”, that way you can double the pleasure.

IF you are giving a puppy to an adult for the Holiday, make absolutely certain the person really wants a puppy! Don’t just assume that Mom or Dad is ‘lonely’ and needs a puppy. He or she may not want the responsibility, may not want to be ‘tied down’ by having a pet, or may not be ready yet is s/he has lost a beloved companion.

If the puppy is for an adult, make arrangements for that person to select the puppy themselves. Make an appointment with a good breeder, for after the Holiday. Meeting the Breeder of the puppy is a wonderful way for the ‘giftee’ to get specific feeding, immunization, and training instruction, rather than being handed a Puppy with no feedback from the Puppy’s Breeder. In fact, most concerned Breeders are reluctant to sell a Puppy TO someone FOR someone else. We want to make sure there is a good fit between Puppy and Owner. Everyone has a mental picture of that “Perfect Puppy”, and the selection of the Puppy is an important part of the bonding process.

Make it a Merry Christmas for Everybody AND the new Poodle!

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