Team Poco-at work!

Ready On The Set!

Chiquita with Bill Murray on David Letterman's 20th Anniversary Show!!


 Goldie's latest photoshoot

Chiquita representing Science Diet Dog Food!

That's Poco A Poco Stocking Stuffer on the left, Ch Poco A Poco Out Of The Blue on the right.
These guys kept forgetting to hold onto the leashes, and it was 4 feet down to a cement floor, from stainless steel tables.

Beautiful Lili Padula in American Express' Departures Magazine. Isn't she gorgeous?? The jewelry (from Cartier) was Photoshopped in, by the way.

Goldie is getting really good at this "modeling thing"!! Here she is, right on Fifth Avenue, New York City, sitting in a Coach Bag! It was a great shoot, photographers very efficient and professional, and this shot took less than 10 minutes.

Chiquita Banana on her first job for Limited Too Catazine. Yes! She is in a Bichon sort of trim. Isn't she adoreable? This just shows a Poodle can be in any kind of trim you want to maintain.

Marigold, as she appeared in Limited Too Catazine

Poco A Poco Miss Demeanor (LC) as she appeared in the Premier Issue of O At Home

FINALLY, the Pocos have done a movie!! 10 year old LC, 5 year old Goldie and 6 month old Bennie did their first day's shoot Tuesday, Feb 17, on the "mean streets" of New York City! Actually, not so mean, it was just off the corner of 5th Avenue and 63rd, and that part of the shoot took place in a stretch limo! The funny thing is, for baby Bennie, it's his second job; he has also appeared on TV, the Jon Stewart Show, specifically, and both times he was a little "pro". They were all complete "pros", acting like they do this every day of the week. Crowds, cameras, heavy equipment, etc etc, no biggie!!
The below photos were taken on the set in Central Park.

VIDEO CLIP The Daily Show: Anderson Cooper Holds First Dog Debate. "That's Bennie in the red, white and blue dress, in a Teddy Bear trim. Isn't he adoreable?"

The below photos where taken at for Jon Stewart/The Daily Show. Not the best photos but a nice memento. That's my little guy "Bennie" on the far left. You can see his topknot and tail above the monitor ;-). That's Anderson Cooper in the middle picture ;-) It was an interesting day.

Chris Missy will appear on Sex and the City the first week of February. This shoot lasted 12+ hours. Plenty of rest periods but it was a very long day! Chris Missy leads the dogs into the Toy Group ring. Our first TV 'gig', but judging by Missy's demeanor on the job, it won't be her last!


These photo shoots, whether for TV, magazines or catalogs have to date all been totally enjoyable. The dogs are treated very well, and there is always a generous abundance of great things to eat! At one shoot, the girls even had Salmon for lunch. Chris Missy enjoyed beautiful rare roast beef on the "Sex" set!

Ch Poco A Poco Dust For Prints (Zena) and Renee Zelwegger, in the June Issue of Interview Magazine"
Vist Dust For Print's page

Ch Poco A Poco Dust For Prints, waiting for Chris Miss and Ch Bubbelicious in a Lee Jeans ad which will appear in European Fashion Magazines.

Poco A Poco Chris Miss in the December 2003 Issue of YM Magazine.
Visit Chris Miss' page

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