Poco A Poco Poodles Presents:
Ch Poco A Poco Saratoga

That's me showing my darling "Toga" at PCA, when it was at Ludwigs Corner. Some compassionate steward put a towel on the table, as you can see, so dogs' feet wouldn't burn on the hot tabletop! She never produced a Ch., but she is the dam of Poco A Poco Dust Bunny, Ch producer extraordinaire! Toga has the cutest sense of humor.

Saratoga was Best of Winners at Watchung Mountain Poodle Club the same day her mom Ch Poco A Poco Girl Next Door got her CD! Toga finished her Championship the next day at K.C. of Philadelphia, making her mom a Top Producer.

CERF # POT-467/2002-130 (11 years old!)

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