Poco A Poco Poodles

CHOCOLATE (in any form, so giving a pet ‘chocolate-flavored’ treats is not a good idea, since they will associate the flavor with the treat idea.)

STRINGS (yarn, ribbon, shoestrings, rag rugs, dental floss, tinsel, pantyhose, i.e. anything looooong). They can become entangled in the intestine, and turn it INSIDE OUT.

IBUPROPHEN (will shut the kidneys down) So, as a general rule: NO ASPIRIN SUBSTITUTES!!

PENNIES. Yes pennies. They are copper coated, zinc based. Zinc in a pet’s intestine becomes a poison. The screws on most carriers are also zinc, so be aware of that, and always check to see that they have not loosened in the car!

ONIONS! Raw or cooked. Please note this includes foods with onions in it as well. Produces irreversible anemia in dogs.

GREENIES!! These very popular chewies have caused serious obstructions, some of which have resulted in death.

ANTIFREEZE I’m told it tastes sweet. Deadly poison.

XYLITOL, an artificial sweetener found is "sugar free" candies. It can KILL!

Artificial sweetner XYLITOL (used in sugar free products) Click the paw for info.

RAISINS or GRAPES. These can cause Kidney Failure! Click the paw for info.

DANGER!!!!! Cocoa Mulch can KILL your pet!!Click the paw for info.

Flea And Tick Products WARNINGClick the paw for info.

GORILLA GLUE! Click the paw for info.

PET HEALTH ALERT: HOLD THE GUACAMOLE, POR FAVOR! Thinking of giving Polly a little something extra with her cracker? While there are a few foods that both humans and pets can enjoy, there are others that, while perfectly palatable for people, can be dangerous to our animal companions. The fruit of the avocado, for example, poses a threat to a number of species. "Avocados contain a toxic component called persin," explains Jill A. Richardson, DVM, of the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC), "which has been shown to produce cardiac tissue damage, respiratory distress and mammary gland damage in a variety of animals--including horses, goats, sheep, dogs, cattle, rabbits, fish and birds."

Some pets will be attracted to the lava rocks in a BBQ pit! Remember they have had fat & meat juices dripping on them! Ingestion can be fatal!

It goes without saying that a swimming pool is just as dangerous for dogs as it is for children.

Just in case: PET POISON CONTROL 1-888-426-4435

Check your houseplants out on the ASPCA website

Weird, but not fatal, just makes a very sick doggie: Raw bread dough! It continues to ferment in the pet’s tummy after ingestion, and a by product of this fermentation process is ALCOHOL! On a very small or very old dog this could indeed prove very dangerous, as alcohol toxicosis is the result of this act of dietary indescretion.

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