Poco A Poco Poodles Presents:
Ch Poco A Poco Perpetrator TP

Pete to his friends. By Ch Trebor of Ahs Private Eye (Top Producer) out of Group Winner Ch. Poco A Poco Minute Waltz. Pete is the sire of 5 Champions, with more on the way!

CHIC Number 14721
DNA Profile # P43470
Optigen Tested A, Accession #: 02-707
Microchip # 005 269 313
CERF # POT-974/2002-106 (9 years old!)
OFA Number PO-PRA173/102M-PI
OFA# PO-PA155/109/M-P-PI "The results of the examination submitted to OFA indicate that no evidence of patellar luxation was recognized. NORMAL"
OFA# PO-PRA173/102M-PI "Based on DNA analysis the results are: Pattern A Normal/Clear for prcd-PRA"

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