Poco A Poco Toy Poodles

Valuable Links For Poodle Fans

American Kennel Club

AKC Limited Registration.

AKC DNA Program

New Jersey Puppy Lemon Law.

New York Puppy Lemon Law.

Pennsylvania Puppy Lemon Law.


Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF)

PCA...Poodle Club Of America

"Very good training articles, please read"

William Penn Poodle Club

Poodle Mixes

Latest AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) Vaccine Guidelines

Vaccine: an Overview

More on the Vaccination Issue

World Small Animal Veterinary Assoc. - Great site for health issues!

Merck Veterinary Manual

Another great training site

Clicker training - your life will never be the same!"

Canine CPR

Plants Causing Kidney Failure - IMPORTANT

Good site regarding tear stains

Health Information for Dogs

Excellent link dealing with pet allergies

A Well Balanced Factual Review Of Raw Foods And Pathogens

Genetics of Coat Color in Dogs

Poisonous Plants

How To Understand an AKC Registration

GREAT "Everything you need to know site", including diets and interpreting blood work!

Great 'stuff' for little dogs!

Does your dog have a barking problem?

30 Tips for the new puppy owner

Hand made dog clothing

Vital information concerning the six month heartworm shot!

The Importance of Good Positioning on Canine Hip X-rays


Explaining the Dog Genome Project

Information regarding Acupuncture

Testing for tick borne disease. LYME isn't the only game in town!

Dental Care for Your Poodle

Brief Guide to Flower Essences for Pets

GREAT advice on finding a lost pet


"For little Boy Dogs who "mark" in inappropriate places"

Traveling With Your Poodle

Pancreatitis in Dogs

"Sparky Fights Back", for those whose dogs are fighting cancer

Poodle Health Registry

Interesting Alternative treatment for Canine Arthritis

Submissive Urination, causes and remedies

CPR for Dogs (and Cats!)

VERY useful information concerning dental care

Excellent site regarding care of "Senior" Pets

An INCREDIBLE disaster information website

"Important Information regarding pain relief for pets"


Find (or start) a small dog play group in your area

Immune System and Disease Resistance

Barclay/Lyca Poodles

TLC Toy Poodles

Tomar Miniature Poodles


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