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I have been breeding and showing Toy Poodles for about 30 years, so I have had a lot of experience, good and bad with ears! What follows are some things that have worked for me. Those ear canals can be very troublesome at times. Some reasons for bad ears can be ear mites, yeast infections or food allergies. Physiology plays a great part in the problem as well, as those hanging ears keep the ear canal moist and warm, perfect conditions for ‘evil spirits’.

Whenever I bathe one of my own dogs, I always wash the ears out with a half and half solution of Betadine Wash and water. I get the Betadine Wash at my local drug store. I rinse the ear canal with a gentle stream of warm water. The dog will shake his/her head, and work out any ‘gook’ that may be there.

I also fill the ear canal once a month with a half and half solution of good old white vinegar and water! Some say it treats yeast, some say pseudomonas. Whichever it treats, it helps keep those ear canals sweet.

Once a month I also treat every ear with either the Purple Ear Wash or Dry It Up Ear Powder. Both work the same. So, on the first of the month, Vinegar & water; on the fifteenth, Ear Powder or Purple Ear Wash.

Should I have a dog with wet, smelly ears, I would use Powder or Wash twice daily for a week, once daily the next week, then weekly for a month. Monthly use of Powder or Ear Wash and Vinegar/Water should keep the ears healthy after that.

Plucking of ear hair (found mostly in Poodles, Bichons and Schnauzers) is a matter of preference. Personally, I only pluck ear hair if there is a lot of it. Thinning it a little, I guess you would call it. Some want every hair gone. Opinions differ.

If the above procedures don’t work, or if the problem came back, I would seriously consider that a food allergy was to blame, and that allergy is frequently a grain allergy. I have seen this to be true with some of the Poodles I have found new homes for through Poodle Rescue. Putting these dogs on a grain free diet has worked wonders!

Short story: I once had a desperate Standard Poodle owner call me (I am Chairman of Poodle Rescue for my Poodle Club) asking if we could help her pay for the surgery on her Poodle’s ears, as her Veterinarian told her this was the only way to treat her Poodle’s chronically bad ears. Instead, I sent her a bottle of Purple Ear Wash. No surgery needed! Happy Owner, Happy Poodle!

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