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Poco A Poco Poodles may occasionally have a toy poodle puppy or adult toy poodle for sale. BUT please keep in mind, I am a private breeder. I breed for what I want to continue my wonderful line of toy poodles. I am not a pet store or commercial breeder! Any toy poodles offered for sale by Poco A Poco is offered strictly to approved homes....meaning homes approved by me! I reserve the right to not sell any poodle to any home I feel would not be in the best interest of my poodle. I also DO NOT ship my poodles. I must meet prospective owners before placing one of my toy poodles with them. This is in the best interest of the poodle as well as the prospective owner. And I enjoy meeting others who love poodles :-)

With all that said, I will put info on any poodle available to an approved home below. You are always welcome to contact me, I'd be very happy to discuss my poodles with you. I'm really a friendly person, I just want to always put my poodles first!

Toy Poodle For Sale

"He will make an EXCELLENT Obedience or Rally prospect. He moves like a dream, quite sound, and wicked smart................. And CHILD FRIENDLY, could he be any better? "
Male, Born 2/10/2011, 11" tall, weight 10#.
Optigen tested: Carrier "This dog will never develop the prcd form of PRA"
Blacken Decker's clearances
Chiquita's clearances

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